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E System Sales, Inc is one of the Nations largest Retail Store Fixtures provider of Gondolas, Wire Displays, and Slatwall Panels.

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Angled Lawnmower Shelves for Gondola

Lawnmower Shelf for Gondola

The Wire Grid Lawnmower Shelf hangs at a 30 degree downslope in Madix Gondola/Wall sections. It has a 4 front lip with a 1 1/4 price tag molding attached, offering a full inch for customer supplied signage.

Since the shelf is Wire Grid, shoppers may look under the shelf to examine the undercarriage of mowers. Smaller mowers may fit two per shelf. Larger mowers will only fit one per shelf. Maximum load capacity of Wire Grid Lawnmower Shelf is 150 lbs.













Lawnmower Display for Gondola

Lawnmower Display for Gondola

$215.70                                                          800 619 9566 

Lawnmowers will straddle side frames in adjacent sections. 48" wide x 28" deep x 15 degree downslope frame has adjustable crossbars to accommodate varying wheelbases and other lawn care items.

Assembled Lawnmowers may be shown double tiered or as singles above boxed stock for self service.


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Lawnmower Shelves for Gondola