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Rack Display System

Rack Display System Rack Display System Rack Display System
Madix Hypermaxi Madix Hypermaxi Madix Hypermaxi

Integrates with Madix Gondola Shelving

Integrates with Madix Gondola Shelving

Can be integrated into any functional Madix shelving display and storage system, using either existing or new Madix Gondola Island or Wall shelving fixtures

A variety of base shelf depths available to accommodate many merchandising requirements.

Useful display rack system for many types of retail  stores with out a lot of storage space for stock items.  Store types such as hardware, sporting goods, plumbing, supermarkets, liquor stores, and a whole lot more.

Provides Product Flow & Product Storage Space

Provides Product Flow & Product Storage Space

Easy restocking due to top deck's placement above selling fixture that provides a continues flow of merchandise.

Deck Kits Available in Light Duty, Regular Duty, & Heavy Duty Rack Display System Configurations

Convenient, accurate ordering is assured with Hypermaxi Deck Kits for the Rack Display System. Includes one Front Upper Beam, one Rear Beam, one Deck and correct number of Deck Supports. Dart clips for beam locking are not included. Order 4 Dart Clips per kit.

Hypermaxi Attachment Clip

Special steel angle twist locks into Upright, then screws to Base Shelf to secure Upright positioning

Madix Hypermaxi Upright

Heavy gauge 1 3/4" square Upright supports 5000 lb. slotted 2" on center for beam connectors. Fully welded assembly has standard bracket for easy attachment to Hypermaxi Basic Uprights.

Add -12 to part number to lower bracket position for use with Light Canopy System.


Rack Display System