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Ice Cream FreezersIce Cream Freezers

Heavy duty, durable, Ice Cream Freezers intended for indoor use. Includes 3″ foam insulation, a coated basket for small items, an all aluminum coated interior that makes the freezer easy to clean. Equipped with double pain rounded glass doors with swivel casters. Temperatures as low as 0 degrees F.

Retail Gondolas

A well known versatile store fixture available in aGondola Shelving single sided or double sided configuration.

Heights start at 36 inches and con grow in height to a standard height of 96 inches and beyond.

Shelf depths as small as 8 inches and can be as deep as 30 inches.

Counter SpinnersCounter Spinners

The counter spinners have multi uses for all types of products and merchandise.

What is unique about a spinning or revolving display is it can display product around the whole fixture on a small foot print.

Gondola Shelf Fencing

Designed to contain items in a shelf and prevent themShelf Fencing from falling off the front of the shelf or the sides of a shelf.

The front fence can be mounted on either the front of the shelf or the back of the shelf.

Dividers can be mounted on a shelf in conjunction with a front fence to create a bin to contain smaller items.

Retail Chip Racks

Chip DisplaysClipper chip displays hold bags of any type of  chips on clips mounted onto a small or large fixture.

Chip displays are also available in different colors, styles, and sizes.

 so it can hold more chips and it will keep them from slipping out.

Chip Racks

Bottle DisplaysChoose from a large selection of chip displays and display racks to meet the needs of any store, restaurant,
hot dog cart, or mobile vender with the needs of merchandising small bagged items such as chips and potato chips.


Candy Racks

Candy RacksWe have candy display racks available as a free standing floor display or on a counter top utilizing a small foot print.

Larger candy racks that mount into an upright of a  Madix or Lozier gondola system.

Candy racks available in many styles and colors.

Slatwall Hooks

Slatwall HooksThese slatwall hooks can be used to hold large or small bagged items on what would be a useless wall space.

Slatwall hooks can be mounted on to a slatwall panel or a grid wall panel.


Gravity Feed Bottle Racks

Gravity Feed Bottle Racks

Our Plastic Bottle Slides are an important component of the Wire Bottle Display Racks. Bottles slide to the foremost product position whenever a bottle is removed. The panels are removable from the shelf for easy cleanup.

Wall Panels with Slats

Slatwall Panels

Utilize any small or large space or any un-useable wall space.

Available in many styles, colors and patterns to create the look and feel of a high end store.

Shopping Basket Sets

Shopping BasketsSmall easy to carry shopping baskets available for most any retail store.

Made of a light weight plastic in four different colors.

Magazine Displays

Magazine Displays

Available in freestanding wire model in many different configurations.

Book and magazine displays compatible with Madix or Lozier Gondolas.

Paper Display Racks

Paper Display RacksThese paper display racks contain rows of front fences that will keep papers neatly safe and organized. They are available in different sizes and they are the kinds of racks that will stack as much paper to keep them secure.

 DVD Displays

DVD DisplaysThe CD DVD Displays are made to hold all DVD's and CD's in their slots.

They are available in different sizes and they will for sure keep them from falling out.

Grid Panels

Grid Panels

Are a unique mobile display that can be assembled dis-assembled quickly with any hand tool and can be a mobile display for almost any type of show.`

Grid panels can also be mounted to a wall or ceiling with available hardware using what would otherwise be useless space in a retail environment.

Wire Dump Bins

Wire Dump BinsThe mobile wire dump bins are a very useful fixture for displaying impulse items.

The dump bins can be quickly moved and placed in any fast paced high traffic area of a retail store.

Great for testing product or merchandise sales.

Post Card Displays

Post Card Displays

This revolving display can display a large amount of post cards on a small foot print.

Counter Systems

This unique counter system is available in custom configurations with your standard gondola shelving.

Using a standard upper shelf a counter can be mounted right to the top row of an aisle of gondola shelving.

Versatile counter system can display merchandise or product on the front side of the fixture and can be utilized for storage on the back side of the counter system.

Camera Systems

Camera SystemsAs times change, the need for a hi def camera system becomes more and more.

Best utilized with a VPN connection a store owner can easily gain access to their camera system and see exactly what is happening in their store.

Island Wine Displays

Wine Bottle Wire DisplaysThe wine bottle wire displays are made to hold wine bottles in the racks to keep them held at an angle so the cork does not dry out and spoil the precious wine inside.

The bottles are held in place by a front fence that will not allow the bottles to slide out.

Pallet Rack Systems

Pallet Rack SystemsMainly used as a heavy duty racking system in a large warehouse with the need of loading pallets of either freight, large amounts of goods, or merchandise that needs to be stored for a period of time or moved on a freight truck.

Gondola H Display

Gondola H DisplayThis gondola H mobile display available in heights from 4' high to 8' high.

Assembles quickly and easily.

Great mobile display for a road show.

Newspaper Racks

Large selection of Newspaper Display Racks for aNewspaper Racks Tabloid or a magazine.

Constructed of mostly 5/16 steel wire makes them a sturdy fixture any business can afford.

Top sign mount included.

Color Black

TV Display

TV Display

TV Displays that mount onto an existing gondola upright.

Will mount any size TV or Display Monitor.

 Wire Baskets

Wire BasketsThe Wire Baskets can be mounted onto a slatwall panel, a gridwall panel, or a pegboard panel,.

They can display boxes of candy, cereal boxes, bread, and any other light product ore merchandise.


Pharmacy Shelving

Pharmacy ShelvingThe main use for Pharmacy shelving is to display and store medicines of all types.

We support the Madix brand pharmacy shelving as it is conveniently and affordably made in USA

Providing affordable store fixtures and displays  to a Nationwide audience any business can afford.

Covering the entire US with distribution facilities located in Alabama, Atlanta, California, Chicago, Omaha, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Virginia.

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Castaic, CA. 91384


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